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Hi, I'm Taj!

Life for retired athletes can be extremely challenging. Many of us are still searching for a path where our talents can shine like they once did on game day.


I believe that what drove us in the athletic arena, still drives us now. All it takes is guidance and a push in the right direction.


If you want to unlock your fullest potential and dominate your post-sports life, you’ll need a clear vision, a game plan, and great mentors in your corner.


The question to ask oneself after hanging up the jersey isn’t: “who am I now?” The question is: “who do I want to become, and why?” 


Together, we’ll discover your own personal formula to transition powerfully into life after sports.

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The Mission is Simple: To Equip Athletes With the Tools to Thrive in Life After Sports.


We’ll give you the guidance you need to carve out a powerful new path for the rest of your life!






WEEK #1 - A Fresh Start


What does success mean to you?

Who’s counting on you to succeed?


What’s preventing you from reaching your full potential?


WEEK #2 - Habits & Routines

Daily Habits - Workout Routines - Eating Habits - Sleeping Habits


WEEK #3 - The Law of Association (Your Power Circle)

Closely auditing your circle of influence

Seeking Mentors / Networking


WEEK #4 - Mental Fitness (Rewiring Your Brain)

Having the same control over your mind that you have over your body


Protecting your mind from negative influences at all times


WEEK #5 - Tapping In

What are you connected to that’s bigger than yourself?

Creating your "Alter Ego"


WEEK #6 - Rigging the Game


A great life doesn’t just happen by accident, it has to be intentionally designed

Getting feedback from the environment


WEEK #7 - Bending Reality & Making Your Mark

Others will come to know you for the new possibilities you’ve created for yourself

What’s your legacy going to be?



WEEK #8 - Going All In!

When you wake up in the morning, every decision you make will bring you one step closer to your desired outcome







Schedule Time to Talk If:

You feel stuck where you are, and don’t know what to do next

You’re tired of resistance, procrastination, and self-doubt beating you down

You’re ready to be the hero of your own, unique story

You’re willing to put the work in to improve your life



Do Not Schedule a Coaching Call if:


You’re looking for an easy path with someone doing all the work for you

You’re looking to get rich quick

You’re not ready to address the good, the bad, and the ugly within yourself

You’re not interested in helping others improve their lives while you improve yours